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Egodomus Charme Apartments is a project realized by the idea of sharing our skills and professional experience in the management of a network of high-level tourist accommodation in the historic center of Asti. Even with different working backgrounds, our “trait d’union” is the passion to make the current past, to exalt the beauty of the historical heritage of the city in which we live and to promote the knowledge of how lucky we were to dispose. In addition to the offer of a stay in historic buildings, we have carefully selected several additional services to allow the traveler to discover the resources of the Piedmont area. For this reason every accommodation offered is the result of a work never done in series, but studied and carried out with attention to the details of the individual context.

Alice, Daniela, Francesca, Fabio 

About Asti

In 89 a.C. Asti was called “Hasta Pompeia” and “Torre Rossa” is a witness. Then Asti became a longobard duchy and from the XI century it was a flourishing free city hall. Until XIII century, Asti was one of the ticher center of the north of Italy as strategic pole of commercial and banking exchanges. On the XVI century the Savoia family came and they governed until 1979. Following the french revolution, the revolution of Asti called “rivoluzione astese” versus Savoia government led to the proclamation of the “repubblica od Asti”. The repubblica of Asti lasted three days only ending by the shooting of insurgents. In 1800 the bigest part of the medieval walls round the city were destroyed, the reason was a urban modernization project. Asti is located on the left bank on the river Tanaro and it’s placed in hills of Monferrato, famous for its food and wine tradition, artistic beauties rich of romantic artistic testimonies.

About Palazzo Catena

Family Catena or Cattanei belongs to the “casate astigiane”, a small groups of families that obtained their social rise not for Patrizia descendent but thanks to currency loan and business. They were Gonfalonieri of the city hall of Asti. They had the privilege to city banner in the meetings with the Podestà or with the bishop. The Catena’s Home were placed at the medioeval palace in Via XX Settembre in the Rione San Paolo. Actually the palace is called Palazzo Catena and with his domus insists on the ruins of the ancient medieval walls.




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